Fiber Optic Cabling Solution

Fiber Optic cabling offers exceptionally high data rates at longer distances than copper. Fiber Optic Cable when properly installed displays very little attenuation, is not as susceptible to "eavesdropping" immune from electrical interference. Another advantage for installing fiber is the space saving considerations within cable ducts; more data can be transmitted on fiber than CAT5e data cabling. We are an experienced Fiber Optic Installer and termination firm and can assist your organization with the installation of fiber, the termination of fiber optic connectors and specialize in Outside Fiber Optic Cabling Installation where trenching is required.


  • FC-PC Single mode
  • FC-APC Single mode
  • ST Single mode
  • SMA Single mode
  • SC-PC Single mode
  • SC-APC Single mode
  • LC-PC Single mode

Fiber optic patch cable

  • Single mode fiber patch cables

    Single mode fiber optic patch cables use 9/125 micron bulk single mode fiber cable and single mode fiber optic connectors at both ends.

  • Multimode fiber patch cables

    Multimode fiber optic patch cables use 62.5/125 micron or 50/125 micron bulk multimode fiber cable and terminated with multimode fiber optic connectors at both ends.

  • 10gig multimode fiber optic patch cables

    10Gig multimode fibers are specially designed 50/125 micron fiber optimized for 850nm VCSEL laser based 10Gig Ethernet. They are backward compatible with existing network equipment and provide close to three times the bandwidth of traditional 62.5/125 multimode fibers. 10 Gigabit is rated for distances up to 300 meters using 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL). 10Gig fiber optic cable jacket is usually aqua.

  • Simplex fiber optic patch cables

    Simplex fiber patch cable has one fiber and one connector on each end.

  • Duplex fiber optic patch cables

    Duplex fiber patch cable has two fibers and two connectors on each end.

  • Ribbon fan-out cable assembly

    For ribbon fan-out cable assembly, one end is ribbon fiber with multi fibers and one ribbon fiber connector such as MTP connector (12 fibers), the other end is multi simplex fiber cables with connectors such as ST, SC, LC, etc.