Copper Cabling Solution

L-Con Technologies has a good quality Cat6e cable which is tested far beyond the standards requirement which was restricted bandwidth limit of 200MHz . A quality Category 6 cable offers high signal-to-noise and high transmission reliability. Key performance indicators are low insertion loss, near end cross talk (NEXT), equal level far end cross-talk (E-FLEXT). For high density installations Alien cross-talk is another important characteristic that needs to be managed.

Cat6e cables we offer have are marginally more expensive that Cat5e and offer a better ROI if cable service life is 5 years or more.

Enhanced Cat6 or Cat6E cables that are tested well beyond the category 6 requirements. These cables have better after-the-install performance characteristics. Cat6E cables are well suited for challenging physical, EMI, and high density installation environments.

Augmented Cat6, or Cat6A cables are currently the highest rated twisted pair cable standard. Cat6A supports high-speed data applications like 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Cat6A cables offer true multi-media capabilities and are rated for performance up to 750MHz.

Select from our premier collection of Cat6/Cat6E/Cat6A bulk cable for plenum and non-plenum applications. Residential installation require UL-rated(non-pleunum) cables. The PVC(non-plenum) cables we offer exceed the UL requirements. Most commercial/office installations require plenum rated cable.

Premise Wiring - Network Cabling

L-Con Technologies experienced network cable installers can assist you with your network's physical infrastructure. From the initial design of your network to the termination and testing of all cables, we can guarantee that all CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6e or CAT7 cables will comply with EIA/TIA specifications. Our goal at L-Con Technologies is to provide an Excellent Communications infrastructure to ensure the responsiveness of your network. Our Structured Cabling solutions include; voice cable, data cable (copper), video, security cameras, twisted pair, Wireless IP Cameras and Baseband and Broadband Coaxial. We also are there for you if you require any adds, moves or data cable changes.

IP Cabling Solution for Security Cameras - Video Surveillance

A Video Security Camera and Surveillance system must be both reliable and easily accessible to ensure success. Often, poor cable installations and/or wireless adaptations are the cause of grainy video quality and loss of video output. If you are looking for an Outdoor or Indoor Security Camera System please contact L-Con Technologies today to help simplify the process and to ensure that your place of business is secure and monitored to your satisfaction.